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Minecraft 1.19.3


Have you ever wanted to enjoy a peaceful, tranquil, aesthetic Minecraft, but you can't because of all the mess in the way? Don't fear, we've got you here!

We've customised Minecraft to be more beautiful and aesthetic than ever before! This pack is great for building everything from a sprawling modern metropolis to a small cottagecore village.

Come join us to live out your SimplyAesthetic dream!


Get your own server

Sometimes it's better to play with friends on your own private server - no distractions and no unwanted players hanging around. We've got some amazing tools ready to get your server flying! Our 'server pack' is a pre-built, ready to go server package that can be downloaded in the downloads section.

BisectHosting is an official partner of LewMC, use code 'galactica', click the 'Get a server' button in-game or visit to get 25% off your first month!



The modpack is what you download to play the game.


CurseForge Mods

CurseForge Resource Packs


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