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Galactica Community Server Lag Updates

Hi everyone, since the community server came back online we've seen an influx of players and a lot of lag. We've been working hard to fix this and we've made some progress.

We've been monitoring the server's TPS and we've noticed that it tends to hold around 12 TPS, which causes most blocks such as pipes and furnaces to experience lags, and can be very frustrating for players.

We've identified the cause of the lag to be the pedestals with the time watches on them. In response to this we've temporarily disabled these pedestals starting 6am GMT on the 17th of February.

If this does improve the server's performance we'll see if we can re-enable them in a less power hungry way or they may remain disabled. If this does not improve the server's performance they'll be re-enabled.

We plan to run another timings report at 6pm GMT on the 17th of February to see if the server's lag issues are resolved.

As always, we'll keep you updated on the progress of the GCS on our Discord server.

Thanks, Lew