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Galactica Distribution Update

Hi everyone, we're changing how we distribute Galactica and what we include in our distributions to make the development and player experience better.

Discontinuing Technic Launcher Support

We originally launched our modpack on the Technic Launcher for the world to play, unfortunately with great sadness we're today announcing that we're no longer going to be distributing Galactica on this platform.

Galactica was the only modpack we ever published on the platform, and after reduced player numbers and increased time it takes us to prepare a modpack for this platform we've decided to stop. Technic uses a completely different format to CurseForge and other platforms, which makes it harder and more time-consuming for us to publish on it.

We've decided to better our work on the CurseForge and server packs for Galactica, distributing it the same way we distribute our other modpacks.

Galactica will remain on CurseForge, and the server pack will remain on CurseForge as well. We're not removing Galactica from Technic, but we'll no longer be updating it there. You'll still be able to download old versions of Galactica in the Technic format on the Technic Launcher and our Files API.

Discontinuing galactica.cfg and server.png

We're also discontinuing our distribution of the galactica.cfg and server.png files.

galactica.cfg was a file added for a proposed system that would allow you to better manage modpack servers and check for updates. However, since the implementation of the Modpack Update Checker mod this file has long been added to modpacks never to be used. Removing it won't break anything unless you use any third-party services that rely on it, we currently aren't aware of any services that use it.

server.png gave your server a neat little icon, by removing it we're encouraging server administrators to create new icons for their servers. We also didn't want your server list to be full of the same icons that our own server uses, which could be confusing.

If you have any questions or feedback on these changes, please do let us know on Discord.

Thanks, Lew