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Thank you for 10,000 downloads

Thank you so much for helping us to reach TEN THOUSAND downloads!

I'm hugely grateful to everyone who has played on any of our modpacks, or used any of our plugins. This is a number I could only have dreamed of when I first started LewMC.

The history of LewMC

LewMC was first "kind of" a thing in 2020 when I made the Galactica modpack for me and my friends. I used to love playing Tekkit and other Technic Launcher packs, but found myself wanting it on a more modern version of Minecraft. While 1.12 wasn't state of the art, it was better than 1.7 was. With a bit of tinkering and lots of trial and error - Galactica was born!

After Galactica I decided to make Lew's Jurassic Pack, Lew's Client Pack, and SimplyAesthetic which would be when LewMC really started going. With multiple modpacks I decided it was time to make a home for them.

In 2023, I started to learn how to program Minecraft plugins whilst at University, and found some friends that loved Minecraft too. Together, we started a Minecraft server at our University and made MCUni, which was considered to be a "sister project" to LewMC since they both shared many resources (including hosting and backend systems). I made minigames, administrative systems, APIs that could check that users belonged to the University who's server they were joining, and so much more. MCUni would eventually close after we all moved on and it became inactive, but it's legacy lives on at the University of Plymouth's Minecraft Society - a group formed by original members of that first server.

In 2024, I decided to continue developing plugins and release them as public projects - the first one, Essence, was an experiment to see if I could develop an EssentialsX alternative, as of the time of writing it has over 350 downloads.

Around this time, our websites and APIs also got a major rewrite and became fancy - the website you're on now is one of them! was created, and was killed.

Then came Kryptonite, another plugin designed to optimise Minecraft servers. This project was made when I found myself becoming incredibly bored with doing exactly that. So, instead of actually sorting my servers I procrastinated and made a system that would do it for me - and now you can use it too!

Thank you

So thank you, it's been a wild ride these past four years, but it's been very fun. Here's to the next 10,000 downloads! Thank you so much.